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Emergency Medical Services Tutor Qualification Programme (EMS TQ)


Emergency Medical Services Tutor Qualification Programme (EMS TQ)

CFR Community

Book your place on the Emergency Medical Services Tutor Qualification Programme with a €1000 deposit today.

Become an EMT Tutor and be placed on PHECC’s Tutor Framework! There is no official or “PHECC recognised” course in this area, however…

We, at the Emergency Services Training Institute, in conjunction with NUI Maynooth have developed the ‘EMS Tutor Qualification Programme’.


Upon successful completion, candidates will be

  • Awarded a National Certificate in Adult Education and Training. This award
    sits at Level 7 on the National Qualifications Framework
  • Nominated to PHECC, by this Institute, for recognition as a full tutor or
    assistant tutor, as appropriate to your time as a practitioner
  • Once accepted, PHECC will place successful candidate on their national tutor framework

Important Considerations

This course meets all the requirements of the PHECC’s Education and Training standards 2011 for tutor qualification and more! The course is delivered over a total of 5 Workshops, approximately 3 – 4 weeks apart. Workshop 5 / Module 5 includes the supervised teaching practice requirement of the PHECC standards.

This qualification will allows the EMS to teach at every level on the pre-hospital emergency care framework up to, and including, their own level. For example, a paramedic, on successful completion of this course, can teach trainee paramedics, EMTs, EFRs & CFRs as a full tutor.

Emergency Services Training Institute has successfully guided students through this course; their NUI Maynooth certification; supervised teaching practice all the way to full tutor recognition with PHECC.

By doing this course with ESTI you are guaranteed the opportunity to complete the
supervised teaching requirements with our practitioner level courses, under the
supervision of the very staff who will be responsible for your nomination to PHECC and hopefully working with you in the future.

No other PHECC Recognised Training Institute can have candidates awarded with the Level 7 award from NUI Maynooth in addition to the PHECC tutor qualification. Some institutes offering “train the trainer” courses don’t provide their students with any opportunities to achieve the supervised teaching practice requirement. ESTI run the only real, not to mention the best, EMS TQ Programme available today. Be very careful of imitation courses which will NOT lead to PHECC tutor qualifications!

Candidates must be practitioners on the PHECC register for a minimum of 3 years to qualify for recognitions by PHECC as an
assistant tutor or 4 years to qualify for recognition as a full tutor.

Candidates must complete all 5 Workshops to be eligible for the supervised teaching practice part of the course.

You must complete 8 weeks supervised teaching to be nominated for recognition as an assistant tutor or 16 weeks supervised teaching to be nominated for recognition as a full tutor.


Please complete the Course Registration Forms below and a member of our team will be in touch.

Discounts are available on many of our courses to members of the emergency services and voluntary services. Valid ID will be requested