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International Paramedic Programme (IPP)



Book your place on the International Paramedic course with a €1000 deposit today.

There has long been a high level of demand for publicly accessible paramedic training in Ireland. No privately owned PHECC recognised training institute has yet been in a position to provide paramedic level training and no publicly funded PHECC recognised training institute is currently offering this level of training to members of the public.

The demand is high among responders and practitioners to further their education and increase the level of their qualification. Demand is also high amongst the private ambulance service providers for the paramedics they require to apply for and to fulfil ambulance service contracts in the State and overseas.

ESTI now offer options of further learning at higher levels which will lead to actual employment opportunities.

Option A: US NREMT-P National Registry Emergency Medical Technician PARAMEDIC course


ESTI, in partnership with a US paramedic training institute and tertiary educational institute, has commenced enrolment on the most complete and publicly accessible paramedic programme to be available in Ireland to date!

More detailed course information is available from info@esti.ie. However, please note the following information:


    • Qualification at EMT level and membership of a national register of EMTs
    • Passport, valid and in-date
    • A place on this programme can be confirmed on receipt of the course deposit of €1,250 for ESTI students and €1,750 for other EMTs
    • Full tuition fees are payable no later than 2 weeks prior to start of module 1

The International Paramedic Programme will have 3 main phases of progression:

Phase 1:

      • starts with contact tutor hours for 11 months in Dublin on Weekends and Skype sessions with virtual classroom sessions online, delivered by Irish and US Paramedic tutors
      • Online lectures and tutorials delivered by tutors from the US paramedic training college

Phase 2:

      • 10 days intensive boot-camp in Boston USA in April 2017, where testing for Massachusetts State EMT exams and practical training performing real Paramedic skills and procedures will take place.

Phase 3:

  • Upon successful completion of the Phase 2 boot-camp students will start their clinical phase and actually work with Paramedic training staff on real emergency frontline ambulances for 250 hours and in hospitals for 250hours. After satisfactory completion of the clinical internship phase the paramedic student is then eligible to sit the US National Registry Paramedic level exams and when certified this globally recognised Paramedic qualification travels farther and faster than the Irish Paramedic level qualification for those who want to work as Paramedics outside of Ireland.
    Currently all the students who completed the last 2 International Paramedic course with ESTI are working as Paramedics in either the United States and in the UK with London Ambulance Service directly as HCPC registered Paramedics. ESTI have facilitated entry exams, interviews and driving tests in Ireland on behalf of the London Ambulance Service to facilitate recruitment of Paramedic staff from our international paramedic program(frontline ambulance services!)
  • This International Paramedic course IS NOT a PHECC Paramedic course, however, this is a course which delivers real skills and qualifications which are leading to actual employment on Paramedic level Ambulances across the world. At the end of this course you will be qualified in Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support PHTLS, Paediatric Advanced Life Support PALS, AHA BLS, Massachusetts State EMT certificate and the US National Registry EMT award at Paramedic level. If you want to work in EMS or travel to exciting new opportunities then this is the course for you.
  • You must be an Emergency Medical Technician EMT prior to enrolling on this paramedic course. We at ESTI accept all Emergency Medical Technicians EMT’s from other institutes but discounts only apply to previous ESTI EMT students. There are only 12 students allowed on the next course starting on the 11th May 2016 and due to end approximately July 2017 with internships completed. This course will fill very quickly. There are no CAO requirements or upper age limits on this course.
  • Membership of the NREMT at Paramedic level.

A brochure can be emailed upon request or call in for a chat face to face for more information and exact pricing and payment options.
Deposit €1250 for previous ESTI EMT, €1750 for other EMT. Deposits are non refundable when the course starts on 11th May 2016. This course will be populated on a first come first served basis. Deposits in full will be given priority on course place offered.

info@esti.ie for more info or 00353 1 4098113

After course options:

  • Options for further study to Paramedic Degree and OPT Visa for 2 years working in US as Paramedic
  • There are careers available world wide for NREMT-Paramedics

These courses are for the determined, focused and hard working student. Progression to each phase will only be allowed upon successful completion of the previous phase.
If you are interested in these courses, keep an eye on this website, follow us Twitter, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook for further updates.

**** The INTERNATIONAL PARAMEDIC PROGRAMME STARTED ON 11 MAY 2016. All of the successful students from this course are currently working as Paramedics in the UK with London Ambulance Service and USA with various agencies.

Please e-mail info@esti.ie to book a place on a course or if you require more information ****


Please complete the Course Registration Forms below and a member of our team will be in touch.

Discounts are available on many of our courses to members of the emergency services and voluntary services. Valid ID will be requested, This is not a phecc recognised course. This is US qualification which may result in US or international employment. If you intend to return to Ireland with this qualification you should look at http://www.phecit.ie/PHECC/The_register/Recognition_of_qualifications/PHECC/The_Register/Recognition_of_qualifications/Recognition_of_qualifications.aspx?Hkey=13bb4b8e-aee0-4260-9344-5618288d2dda